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New magnetic posture corrector lumbar shoulder support belt


Magnetic lumbar back support with upper 8 magnets and lower 4 magnets for pain relief.

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New magnetic posture corrector lumbar shoulder support belt

Excellent Posture corrector Back support for pain relief, with outstanding value. Recommended by Doctors, physiotherapists and Sports Trainers. This Back support is recommended for the following conditions/symptoms: Sciatica Herniated disc and other disc problems Sacro iliac joint dysfunction Spinal Stenosis Lumbago The back support can be used for the following aids: Sporting activities or every day routine use recovery after back injury or surgery lifting activities The support has strong compression to stabilize the back, this is provided by the double pull system. This is the recommended treatment by sports therapists to restore normal movement. excellent for aching pains and slouching shoulders

- Unisex 
- lightweight for easy movement 
- incorporated pull mechanism braces 
- unique elastic strap provides additional support for spine alignment and neck straightening 
- excellent for slumped shoulders, kyphosis, curvature of spine( scoliosis), osteoprosis and aids indigestion and bowel problems.

The design has 6 high gauss bipolar neodymium health magnets incorporated within the neoprene material to provide heat acroos the back evenly.the resulting heat produced can aid back muscle spasms and paid due to herniated disc and spinal stenosis.

Recommended usage instructions

Use for 2-3 hours then don't use thereafter. take intermittent gaps of 2-3 after usage.

Exercised can be performed whilst belt is used.

Material composition 
6 high strength magnets, Neoprene


Measure around your stomach around the belly button for good fit.

Small: 26-30 inches or 66-76 cm 
Medium 31-34 inches or 79-86 cm 
Large 35-38 inches or 8-96 cm 
X-large 39-42 inches or 99-107 cm 
XX-Large 43-46 inches or 109 -117 cm 
XXX-L 47-50 inches or 119-127 cm 
XXXX-L 51-54 inches or 129 -137 cm 
Cleaning instructions

Hand wash in warm water and leave to air dry, may add soap to clean at 30 degrees celsius

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